A Little About Our Structure

The District consists of an 18-hole Division that is governed by its Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Guidelines and Procedures.  Currently we meet at a location suitable for all on a selected day in November for our annual meeting.

We are governed by an Executive Committee which is elected by the members and shall serve a term of two years.  The President appoints committees, such as Tournament Director, Sites, and Blind Draw.

We would love to have you Join Us!


Central Arizona Golf District

Meet, Greet, and Compete

Central Arizona Golf District was founded in 1961. It is an organization formed entirely by voluntary membership.

We MEET, GREET, AND COMPETE with other women golfers; these are the primary benefits of Central Arizona Golf District (CAGD) for all who participate.  We provide up to six tournaments a year at various local and private golf courses.  In addition, there are 5 Intra-District Blind Draw days each year where a member's score is combined with another Central District member to win payouts.  Also, part of our $8.00 ANNUAL dues helps support two local golf charities.